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Status: ready for your order. 


In Danmark the post works as normal, but you have to ask about the post in your own country.





In general all delivery seems to be slower than normal, we hope the crisis is over soon!



Brick salvage from Danmark. We find what you need! 


Semi professional brickstore, packing and shipping within 24 hours.

Aiming to be a big shop in the future, so we run it as a professional shop.

Added lots of love from Denmark for free!



We only sell things that work and look decent, of course a few chips off or little damages might occur. Scuff marks are possible. 

Remember Lego has several factories and colors have a slight difference sometimes, even on new Lego.

We discard of any lego that dont work or looks nasty or is in bad shape.

If its from the 70 or 80s then we don't mind a little discolor or minor scratches, not bad though!


acceptable items:  We have judged this under our standard and reduced the prices. Still good as filler blocks or if you dont mind or go for a vintage look.

We usually just discard this, but for valuable and rare items we might do this.



We ship fast and correct. Taped edges and good quality shipping materials.

We deliver directly at the post office for faster shipping. Every day!


International post is not insured and not tracked, we do not add packing fees and have to pay shipping even if it gets lost(almost never happens). 

If you do not accept this then do order with insurance! It costs A LOT more though!



Missing or wrong parts:

Mistakes happen, even though we pack carefully and have a good system it can happen.

If you notice a missed, wrong or bad item then you can contact us and we will refund the item or sent it with your next order.

We can not sent these items, because we have no packing fee. We loose slightly on everything we ship which eats a little from our profit, but we want to be competitive with other cheap shops.


We rarely get complaints though, we love what we do and that shows!



Our shop is smoke free, though it has to be said that we sell used lego, also alot of vintage old lego. We throw away all nasty pieces but can not garantuee all pieces

have been in a smoke free environment all there days.



We only wash the very dirty lego, so a bit dust and dirt might be there. We are very cheap, and if i have to wash all lego i have to raise the prices. Non of the lego u get

should be nasty though.


Old vintage lego:

lego from the 1960 - 1999 will be used and old lego. Slight discolor and scuff marks and a few dents might occur. I resell most damaged lego by the bulk

and try to sell the best only in my shop. A few mistakes happen sometimes though, please contact me if the pieces do not live up to your standard.



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